mind cells

mind cells At MindCells, every job has a larger picture. We aim to understand that picture and where our job fits in the scheme of things. That is why we are able to deliver the kind of quality we aim to. MindCells is a seven-year-old solutions provider. Based in Mumbai, India, MindCells offers a gamut… Read More »

The Faces Of Madness In Modern Society

The Faces Of Madness In Modern Society Anxiety disorders are a mental problem as old as civilization, though there are numerous unconfirmed reports that more people are having problems with anxiety and phobias now than ever. While these reports lack concrete evidence to back their claims up, there are several mental health issues that need… Read More »

How To Sell Your Service Bigger With Pinterest

How To Sell Your Service Bigger With Pinterest By now we all know how products are being sold through Pinterest. Pin a picture of a product, the user clicks on it then gets directed to the blog or website of a business and a sale is made. Pretty straightforward, no buzz and vanilla flavored. Now,… Read More »

Free Tools For Your Website

Free Tools For Your Website It does not have to be expensive to get started with Internet marketing. There are so many free tools available, including HTML editors, graphics programs, and competition analysis. Free Blogging Program Blogs have become very popular, and the most popular blogging platform is WordPress. WordPress is a powerful blogging program… Read More »

Asp Cheap Hosting Site Web-is Asp The Top Hosting Option For You?

Asp Cheap Hosting Site Web-is Asp The Top Hosting Option For You? Is ASP cheap hosting for your web site right for you? Quite simply, there is a relatively cheap web hosting that is provided by many companies today. Various companies offer ASP at various price points and with different features. When you get free… Read More »

Social Media Marketing And What You Can Do To Get Help

These days, most of your business customers probably use social media already. Therefore, it’s a good idea to put your business on one of these social network sites, as well. Do a little poll within your existing customer base, and see which social networking sites they are part of. Ensure that you are always updating… Read More »

Hot Internet Marketing Tips You Need To Read

Hot Internet Marketing Tips You Need To Read Internet marketing has many names: online, web, digital, or e-marketing. Whatever you choose to call it, it is imperative that you understand and respect the positive (or negative) effects that it can have on the overall success of your company. These tips and tricks offer insight into… Read More »

Scrapbooks – The Perfect Gift

Scrapbooks – The Perfect Gift There is something magical about special occasions – it’s no wonder that we call them special. Long lost family reunites and gripes and moans are put aside, all for the celebration of that important event. Food is shared around an all-embracing table, where everyone digs in with enthusiasm, while conversation… Read More »